#BostonBetter partner institutions are hosting presentations and panels with authors, photographers, and those affected by the marathon bombing. These speakers will share their experiences to help you understand the bombing on a deeper level and put it into perspective. 


Share Your Story

Sometimes telling your version of the story can help you move past a tragic event. #BostonBetter institutions will be hosting pop-up Share Your Story events to help members of the public upload their stories and photographs into Northeastern University's Our Marathon digital archive. Where were you on Marathon Monday 2013? What did it mean to you? 



There can be comfort and healing in beautiful music. Listen and reflect at concerts featuring music intended to help you find peace.      


Workshops and Conferences

Perhaps you've been inspired to delve deeper into understanding how communities deal with tragedy, and how they can heal most effectively. #BostonBetter partners are hosting workshops and conferences about helping yourself and others through difficult times. 


Express Yourself

Sometimes tapping into your creative side and making something with you own two hands can help you feel better. Join the city's art museums for events where you can pour your thoughts and feelings into painting, drawing, and more.